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The bad idea photo gallery (page under construction)

No Windows South

This is the south-southeast side, where is the passive solar? What were they thinking with this southern exposure nearly bare of glass in Maine. Complex stepped roofing blends into shallow front porch on the north side. The shallow angle can increase ice dam potential and on the north side melting will be very slow.

Few Windows South

This is the south side, where is the passive solar on the first floor? They got the sun into the back of the upper level, but what is with the blank wall?

Wicked Bad

Roof planes and drainage are common problems with many homes. Water splashes back from roof areas and often soaks into siding and gets under roofing materials. This is the result of ignoring those problems. (No this is not a vacant building)

Wet Siding

Looks kind of cute, but roof planes in this home shed water in a complex pattern splashing on wall siding increasing the stress on the drainage plane and siding materials. The north shady areas will remain damp and likely support mold and moss growth. The very shallow valley angle holds snow and ice longer and increases the ice dam potential at this shallow angle.