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Custom Energy Saver Home Plan Packages
Super Insulated, Low Energy, Alternative Energy

Premium HVAC system features:
Geo-Thermal Heat pumps & Radiant Heating Intergrated Into Log Homes & Post and Beam Construction
High Pressure Air-Conditioning
Passive, Active and Hybrid Solar Systems
More Effective Air Distribution and HEPA Filtration
Air to Air Heat Exchangers with Latent Heat Recovery
Hybrid solar/geothermal superior BTU's/Dollar delivered
Air-Tight Foam Shell Construction
"Net-Zero" Energy Homes (Photo-Voltaic's)

Engineered for superior indoor air quality and maximum energy conservation. The emphasis is always on the individual client's needs to balance cost and the desired high tech features.

Our Hybrid Thermal Solar & Geo-Exchange home designs can cost as much as 85% less to heat and cool compared to a 2x6 stud home with fiberglass batt insulation that just meets the residential energy code.

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Heat Pump
Hybrid thermal solar / Geo-exchange heat pump for homes, any home can be heated fossil fuel free. Hybrid systems use some low temperature solar energy to supplement the geo=exchange-earth energy, raising the ground temperature and lowering the amount of work th ecompressor must, saving KWH. We have converted even old 1800's farm housed to geo-exchange. System BTU's / Dollar is where the effectivness of your fuel dollars are ultimately measured and compared. Where is your system on this list? Based on current fuel price trends, this chart shows the installation of any propane fired equipment is not very cost effective with fuel oil not much better. Natural gas is still a cost effective fuel source but any new construction or replacment systems should seriously consider using some form of geo-exchange or hybrid thermal solar geo-exhange with perhaps a wood stove for a back up or peak load heating.

Installing a fuel oil or propane boiler today is like committing yourself to buying gasoline for a 1966 Cadillac with a 460c.i. V8 dual 4bbl carbureators compared to going with a geo-exchange system with the fuel economy of a Toyota Prius.

BTU co2 chart

System efficiencies include typical pumping, piping, stand-by & heat exchanger losses where applicable.

Equivalent No.2 fuel oil price = price oil would have to be to be equally cost effective to the alternative energy source.

Reduce your energy cost 60% to 80%, Compare the BTU/$!!! at operating system efficiency

Low volume, high pressure air-conditioning & HEPA filterd air for a clean and healthy indoor air environment (

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Solar Panel
Thermal Solar Panels can raise geo-exchange efficiency by up to 100% with the hybrid system, cutting electrical consumption in half.

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Log HomeSecond Log Home
Log Home, High Pressure Air-Conditioning and Radiant Floors for an invisible heating and cooling system

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Tight homes need fresh air with energy efficiency. Energy recovery units can either heat only or, some models recover both heat and moisture. Smaller homes need to recover heat only while larger homes need to recover moisture also, to keep them more comfortable. Note: Never install ductwork in an uninsulated attic.

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Super Insulated & Airtight Building Shell
Super Insulated Foam Panels for a Nearly Airtight Building Shell, R40 walls, R60 Roof and .13U windows can make the heating system requirement so small that its size is based on the domestic water heating load and home heating is secondary.

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Net zero energy homes
With energy consumption reduced by building a very efficient home, A modest Photo Voltaic electrical system can balance out a homes electrical and fuel energy annual consumption to "Net Zero" with an equal amount of solar electrical energy.

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