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BTS Energy Saver Home Plan Pricing

Custom BTS Energy Saver Home Plan Prices

Shipping Fees:
UPS ground shipping is a flat fee of $20.00

Study Plans

Study Plans are available for many of our house plans. They allow you to further study the design of the home prior to investing in the building plans. They are intended for those more interested in studying the design to make sure it meets your needs. Study plans are $120, with a $90 credit voucher towards the purchase of a full set of plans.

Study Plans include:

A mini set of drawings on 11 x 17 via UPS, or a PDF file sent as an email attachment. Each set has 3 to 6 pages of drawings which vary for each house depending upon the drawings available for the finished house plans.

These include: Schematic floor plans (with room furniture), and exterior elevations. A cutaway through the house may be included to help you visualize the interior of unusual configurations, and other various options available for that plan (such as daylight basements and garages).

Study Plans do not include: