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BTS Energy Saver Home Plan Packages

Design your home for the future with an exceptional building shell and alternative energy technology for a fossil fuel free home. Key to being truly energy efficient and "GREEN", you must also use a minimal amount of electricity so you are not just transferring pollution and the use of fossil fuels from your home to the power plant. BTS homes provide real savings and real reduction in total gross CO2 for unmatched performance and savings. Send us any house plan you would like to start with or ask us about our standard designs you can choose from or customize.

If you are looking for an ordinary house, please look somewhere else. Our homes utilize many types of designs that integrate and enhance energy efficiency into the structure with form and function to reduce energy needs and provide a superior level of indoor air quality. So if you are looking for a cutting edge home with a minimal impact on the environment and a superior indoor air environment, you have found the right place.

The designs we use feature some or any combination of the following:

Any other ideas you want to include in your home? Just ask...