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Commercial HVAC - Maine and New England

Commercial HVAC projects include:

Schools, Courthouses, Hospitals, Military Facilities, Prisons, Retail Plazas and Malls. We have used a variety of air conditioning solutions engineered to meet the clients needs. Systems have been engineered for low first cost or maximum energy conservation and fresh air technology. The emphasis is always on the individual client's needs to balance cost and desired features.

Thermal Care TCW
Thermal Care energy recovery chiller for commercial scale geo-exchange system. COP = 10+/-, provide energy at about $0.45 per Therm, half the cost of natural gas.

Hospital O.R.
Hospital O.R. retrofit HVAC

Large Home with Radiant Floors
34,000ft-sq home w/ VAV A/C & radiant floors
(Just too big to be called residential)